Race Results

2012 Rogue River WPA race 1st

2012 Ross Island WPA race  1st

2012 Carolina Cup 4th

2012 Winter Series Outrigger and SUP race 1st

2011 Battle of the Bay 4th

2011 Battle of the Paddle  4th distance, 2nd age group  11th elite

2011 Round the Rock  1st

2011 Gorge Paddle Challenge 5th elite, 4th distance

2011 Naish Paddle Championship  2nd

2011 Midwest SUP Festival  1st

2011 Bend Paddle Challenge  1st

2011 Ross Island WPA race  1st

2011 Carolina Cup  1st

2011 Channel Islands Crossing  1st

2010 Battle of the Paddle California   4th Distance 2nd Age Group & 8th Elite race

2010 Hennessey’s International Paddle Championship  2nd

2010 SUP Holland 11-City Extreme Tour   1st

2010 SUP WORLD CUP – Hamburg, Germany   3rd 10k Distance Race & 4th Sprint Race

2010 Tahoe Nalu – Lake Tahoe    2nd Distance Race & 3rd Elite Race

2010 Naish Paddle Championships – Maui  1st

2010 Stand 4 Something Distance Race   1st

2010 Gorge Blowout – 7 Mile Downwinder   1st

2010 Battle of Paddle Hawaii – 10 Mile Hawaii Kai 14′ Division   1st

2010 Battle of Paddle Hawaii – Elite Race   8th

2010 2nd Annual Intracoastal SUP Cup   1st

2010 Watermans Applied Science Paddle for Humanity   1st

2010 Catalina Challenge 39.8 miles 9:01:10   1st

2010 2nd Annual Cold Stroke Classic  5th

2009  2nd Annual Battle of the Paddle – relay   4th

2009  2nd Annual Battle of the Paddle – Elite division   9th

2009 Hennessey International Championships  4th

2009 Naish US Race Series Championships  1st

2009  2nd Annual Tahoe Nalu   2nd

2009 Gorge Outrigger Race – SUP  1st

2009 Rooster Rock Outrigger Race – SUP   1st

2009  Naish race series Hood River  1st

2008  Gorge Games – SUP 1st


Tim Canfield
February 3, 2010 5:22 pm

Get busy living or get busy dying! Looks like you’re busy living Karen. I’m stoked for you! Looks like you’ve been bring home some gold!

Kevin Max
February 3, 2010 5:31 pm

Great job on the Cold Stroke Classic, Karen. Can’t wait for the Oregon Down-winder. I’ve been working with NASA and the Army Corps of Engineers to develop a silent underwater paddle-enhanced motor. Stroooooke.

Kevin Grant
February 11, 2010 9:13 pm

Karen— The website looks great!!!! I don’t see any pictures of your big brother on it. I guess I will have to get on the water and compete like we did back in the day. Take care and love you. Kevin

Joan and Dick Grant
October 2, 2010 9:48 pm

Good going Karen! We love your website and very proud of your accomplishments!

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